Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Should You List Transcription Rates On Your Own Site

Just as with any company, there's competition in the transcription company at the same time. The question of should you list transcription rates on your own website is a matter of personal preference, but the more significant factor is often overlooked; giving the prospective customer everything they have to make a decision and move forward. When a potential customer is looking for transcription services they usually need services or in the near future. While some people do not mind doing hours of research to find the appropriate company at the correct cost, others what the in your face approach; "Here is what my company is offering and this is what you will receive for the cash."

There are mixed feelings among transcription rates - "If I list my prices, this will help it become easier for others to have lower prices?" Well, yes, but you list your rates according to what you feel is appropriate for your own company; you do not scan the web to see which business is billing more. Think about this for a minute. If Business A has a price list easily available on their website, a potential client who's prepared to get started can see immediately how much their endeavor continue and will cost. On the other hand, Business B may have prices that are good and amazing testimonials, but if an expected client has to email or telephone them await an answer, and to get the rates, they ordinarily will proceed to another person on the list.

It truly does not matter what your prices are; there will always be someone charging less and more than you than you. The most important thing is that you simply provide the potential customer, who is prepared to purchase, if they choose to the chance to to proceed immediately.

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